Body & Mind Professional Royal Spring Bend Barbell for Strength Training Fitness Training Arm Trainer; Flexible Spring Dumbbell-B074N7TN1M

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  • ✔ The fitness classic – many, yes a lot has been tried over the past decades, but if you ask training experts, the Königsfeather remains a timeless bodybuilding classic and one of the most effective and reliable training equipment for strength training.

  • ✔ Flexible intensity – The high-quality dumbbell is available in 30 kg and 50 kg and offers a force insert by means of carbon steel spring, which adapts individually to the effort and thus tickles out the maximum. Perfect for building muscle mass.

  • ✔ TRAINS TOTAL BODY - The flexible bending dumbbells isolate and train the entire upper body, so both arms, neck and shoulders, boxes, triceps, biceps and chest muscles.

  • ✔ Highest training efficiency – thanks to the fact that the muscles are targeted and due to the flexible effort, enormous training results quickly set up.

  • ✔ With ★ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ★ – now test for 30 days and compare the premium quality. You are guaranteed to be convinced! If not, send back the bending dumbbell and you will get your money back immediately. No ifs or buts! The Body & Mind brand guarantees you an unparalleled value for money that is looking for the same.

  • Deluxe Dumbbell Tension Spring

    With the highly effective bending dumbbell you train effectively and targeted your biceps, your forearm, upper arm and
    shoulder muscles like never before. Your entire upper body is steeled and sustainably thanks to the flexible resistance and
    deeply trained. Bruce Lee knew the effectiveness of bending dumbbells or a so-called royal spring.
    Thanks to the flexible resistance, depending on how strong the dumbbell is bent, the resistance changes - various
    exercises. This is the real classic, which is currently celebrating a large Revival without reasons.
    Thanks to the extra strong resistance, a training effect of approx. 30 kg (beginners and light trainers) or 50 kg.
    (Advanced & Professional) resistance achieved. Length approx. 75 cm and width approx. 42 mm, as well as equipped with 2 ergonomic
    Handles for secure grip In addition, the flex barbell is equipped with nylon safety loops.

    The deluxe arm trainer bending dumbbell in detail:
    - Exercises the muscles of the entire upper body.
    - Particularly effective in biceps, triceps and shoulder muscle build-up.
    - The absolute classic in the fitness field that Bruce Lee has already used.
    The inner deep muscles are also strengthened and built.
    - Flexible resistance ensures lower risk of injury.
    - High quality in high resistance class of 30kg or 50kg.
    - With anti-odour handles for safety during exercise.
    Recommended by leading physiotherapists for everyday use.
    Also ideal for everyday office under the desk (standing).
    - Dimensions approx. 75 cm length and 42 mm width/thickness.

    Body & Mind Professional Royal Spring Bend Barbell for Strength Training Fitness Training Arm Trainer; Flexible Spring Dumbbell-B074N7TN1M